Web Application Engineer

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FreeHandicapTracker.net This is a personal project that combines my two passions - golf and web development. Built on Zend Framework architecture, the site allows user to create an account, log in, enter golf scores and track their handicap index. The site uses jQuery UI Tabs and several ajax calls to create a very smooth and intuitive user experience. I have integrated google adsense into the site, and am continuously working to improve SEO and marketing to increase my user base. The site uses a mySQL database to keep track of user account information as well as their golf scores & handicaps.

Coffee Works

FreeHandicapTracker.net This project was completed in collaboration with an associate graphic designer. I took the project out of the photoshop phase, and built out all of the html, css, javascript, and php. This site features an admin section in which the client is able to use a WYSIWYG text editor to edit content accross all of the pages of his site. I also implemented facebook widget functionality and google analytics for this project.


New York Medical Malpractice Working with a graphic designer, I took this project from Photoshop PSD files and created a fully functional website. This site features a password-protected admin section from which the client can edit, add or delete site content. The homepage uses the jQuery Cycle plugin for the “slideshow” effects, and all forms use custom javascript for client-side validation and mouse in-out effects. The forms are submitted via ajax and e-mailed using PHP functions.

Erin Dewey Design

Erin Dewey Design This site was designed by the client – I sliced the images and created all html, css, and php code. I also implemented a jQuery-based image gallery with thumbnail “pagers” and transition effects for the client’s portfolio pages. I added a wordpress installation for this site after the initial launch.


eDiabeticLifeInsurance.com I created all graphic elements and html, css, javascript, and php code for this site. The homepage features a jQuery-based slideshow, and several of the pages included embeded youtube videos (embedded using SWFObject). Finally, the form submission process submits to an existing API for integration with the client’s pre-existing web properties.