Web Application Engineer

11038 E Topaz Ave
Mesa, AZ 85212
(480) 371-5194

  • User Interface Design Technology
    • Modern Javascript using ES6 (or later) features including modules, classes, arrow functions, promises, etc
    • Component driven UI development using React
    • Extensive experience using jQuery
    • Javascript templating using mustache and handlebars.js
    • CSS pre-processing using SASS
    • Working knowledge of HTML5
    • Babel Javascript Compiler for utilizing ES6 (and later) features
    • Webpack Module Bundler for web app optimization
  • Application Layer Technology
    • RESTful / JSON API layers with Node.js and Express
    • Senior level PHP developer and Zend Certified Engineer. Experience using PHP as a tool to write programs and solve problems in creative ways that are both extensible and scalable.
    • Strong foundational knowledge of Object Oriented Programming concepts such as inheritance, abstraction, and polymorphism. Working knowledge of OOP Design Patterns and their practical usage.
    • MVC server-side architecture, using tools such as Zend Framework
  • Data Layer Technology
    • NoSQL and document storage engines such as MongoDB
    • SQL databases including MySQL and DB2
    • Database optimization techniques such as indexing, utilizing foreign keys, triggers, etc.
  • Dev Ops and Infrastructure Technology
    • Linux system administration experience including bash shell scripting
    • Experience using Docker to package applications for rapid deployment or scaling
    • Version control experience using GIT and Subversion. Deep knowledge of GIT including using hooks to automate deployment tasks
  • Miscellaneous Skills
    • Experience working with other programming languages and environments such as Java and C# for Android and .NET development
    • Strong aptitude and desire for learning new technologies, especially as it relates to modern Web Development and Programming concepts!
Please visit My Blog about web development and my StackOverflow profile for more detailed information about me!
My Github repository contains code samples, and is available upon request!